Incredible India Yoga Tour 2020 Spring Edition

Come with us to India from April 3rd to 18th in 2020 (16 days).  We will visit the majestic Taj Mahal, the vibrant Jaipur, and the breathtaking Golden Temple in Amristar.  We will walk the spirit-driven streets of Pushkar,  practice yoga in Rishikesh, the birthplace of thousands of ancient yogis for centuries, and experience the high vibrations in the Himalayas of Dharamsala, home of the Dalai Llama.

Share with us this amazing unique life experience.  We are here to show you the real India, in all its raw and beautiful authenticity.  The tour includes yoga and meditation immersions, with different practices offered every day to maintain your health and wellness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.




  • Tour through vibrant New Delhi and see architectural wonders like the Lotus Temple and Akshardham.
  • Visit the magnificent Taj Mahal.
  • Spend a day caring for the elephants in Jaipur, giving love and compassion to these majestic animals.
  • Experience Pushkar, a town of over 500 temples built around a mystical lake and partake in a divine offering ceremony, and after ride a camel through sand dunes of the Pushkar Desert!
  • Explore the natural territory of Ranthambore National Park and admire the beautiful Bengal Tigers on a Jeep safari inside the reserve.
  • Bask in the radiance of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, one of the holiest places for Kundalini Yogis and Sikhs with the chance to volunteer at the temple; a truly magical and fulfilling experience.
  • Discover the ‘Little Tibet’ of India, Dharamsala, where the Dalai Llama resides.
  • Practice Yoga in Rishikesh, the home of ancient yogis for thousands of years, in the foothills of the Himalayas right on the Ganges River.

EARLY BIRD PRICES (Deposit made before January 10th, 2020):
Shared Room: US$2780
Private Room: US$3520
REGULAR PRICES (Deposit made after January 10th, 2020):
Shared Room: US$3080
Private Room: US$3820
Deposit to Secure Spot: US$700
*International flight to India not included*
*Shared room on a per available basis*
*Full payment due March 1st, 2020*

What’s included:
– Daily breakfast and dinner throughout the trip
– Private air conditioned bus for travel
– All transportation to, from, and around all the various cities
– Internal flight from Jaipur to Amritsar
– Entrance fees for all tours, temples, excursions, and monuments
– 15 nights of accommodation in first class hotels
– 1 night on air conditioned overnight sleeper train
– English speaking tour guide to all monuments
– Clean drinking water during travel days
– Daily yoga and meditation practice

Extra Expenses:
– Tips for Driver, Tour Guide, and Additional Services
– Lunches will be eaten out to provide extra variety

For payment info email


Day 1: 04/02/2020 Delhi

Evening arrival to New Delhi Airport.  You will be met at the airport and transported to the hotel.  Enjoy the first night of rest to recover from the flight and start the next day fresh.

Day 2: 04/03/2020 Delhi

Morning Yoga and breakfast at the hotel. We’ll tour to the uniquely constructed Lotus Temple and the breathtaking temple of Akshardham, with a special high-tech light show in the evening.

Day 3: 04/04/2020 Agra

Morning yoga and drive to the Agra hotel.  Marvel in the wondrous presence of the Taj Mahal, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Afternoon visit to the Agra Fort, another World Heritage Site that was once home to Mughal Emperors.

Day 4: 04/05/2020 Going to Jaipur

Morning yoga and breakfast at the hotel and then drive to Jaipur, “The Pink City.”   Evening arrival at Jaipur hotel with option to head into the amazing local markets of Jaipur for handmade fabrics and jewelry.  Evening at leisure at the hotel.

india yoga tour 2019 jaipur

Day 5: 04/06/2020 Jaipur

Morning yoga and meditation followed by breakfast, then off to the Amber Fort.  After visiting the fort, we will spend the day at the elephant sanctuary.  Caring for these majestic creatures, you will have the experience to feed, paint, and bath the elephants.  A magical experience you will never forget!

Day 6: 04/07/2020 Going to Pushkar

Yoga practice and meditation in the morning.  Check out of the hotel and travel to the holy city of Pushkar, filled with over 500 temples and sacred cites. When We arrive Pushkar we will explore the town and local street market.

Day 7: 04/08/2020 Pushkar

Visit the unique Brahma temple, followed by a divine ceremony of offering or “puja” at the town’s infamous mystical lake.  In the afternoon take an exclusive camel ride through the Pushkar Desert, witnessing the beauty of the organic sand dunes.

Day 8: 04/09/2020 Going to Ranthambhore 

Early morning yoga before driving to Ranthambhore area. Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary is known for its Bengal tigers and is a popular place in India to see these animals in their natural jungle habitat.

Day 9: 04/10/2020 Ranthambhore 

Early Yoga practice. Then Jeep safari in National Park in Ranthambhore

Day 10: 04/11/2020 Going to Amritsar

Morning yoga and breakfast at the hotel, then drive the Jaipur Airport to fly out to Amritsar.  Arrive to Amritsar in the evening to check in to the hotel with the option to take a late night visit to the Golden Temple to see it in all it’s glory. This temple is one of the holiest sites for Kundalini Yogis and Sikhs.

Day 11: 04/12/2020 Amritsar Golden Temple

Visit to the temple in the morning to start the day with a 3D full experience informational video to learn about the history of the  Harmandir Sahib or Golden Temple and the Sikh traditions.  With these new understandings, proceed to explore the temple and bask in it’s unwavering radiance.  Optional lunch at the temple, served traditional langar style, or from a kitchen/canteen that serves up to 100,000 people a day for free based entirely on volunteer service or “seva.”  If you’d like, you can even spend the afternoon offering any form of “seva” or service to the temple; this is a beautiful way to take part in the incredible generosity that is the heart and soul of the Golden Temple.

Day 12: 04/13/2020 Going to Dharamsala

Morning Yoga Practice and breakfast before driving to Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Llama.  Afternoon visit the local markets McLeod Ganj or ‘Little Tibet’ of India for a dip into more Buddhist culture.  Evening at leisure at the hotel.

Day 13: 04/14/2020 Dharamsala

Morning yoga and meditation followed by breakfast.  Today we will explore the famous Buddhist temples of Dharamsala, including the Dalai Lama Temple Complex.  Visit local monasteries, and feel the immense peace that this mountainous region has to offer.  Evening at leisure at the hotel, which includes a beautiful spa for services as you wish.

Day 14: 04/15/2020 Dharamsala

Morning yoga and meditation with the peaceful view of the mountains.  Continue to explore the Tibetan markets in the morning, or relax at the hotel spa at your leisure and afternoon drive to Patankot train station to board overnight train to Haridwar.

Day 15: 04/16/2020 Rishikesh

Morning arrival to Haridwar to be greeted and transferred to Rishikesh, the home of ancient yogis for thousands of years.  Tour the city in the afternoon, exploring the societies of the foothills of the Himalayas and taking in the energy of the ever-powerful Mother Ganga River.  Evening meditation and offering ceremony called Aarti, performed daily at the Ghat by the river.

Day 16: 04/17/2020 Rishikesh

Morning yoga and meditation classes.  Afternoon at leisure to explore Rishikesh.  There is so much to see here from incredible street vendors, to unique restaurants, to beautiful crafts and clothing for sale.  Option to see the “Beatles Ashram” which is the ashram that the Beatles originally stayed in when visiting India.  The Ashram has since been closed, and is now covered in impressive graffiti and art, carrying with it a resonance and energy that is mind-blowing. Evening, enjoy a visit to a local children’s home, where we will share a meal grown in the home’s garden and sing kirtan songs with the kids after dinner, all profiting the home’s efforts to help local children in need of education and housing.

Day 17: 04/18/2020 Delhi

Morning yoga and meditation, and continued exploration of the area. Option to take a cleansing dip in the Ganges River, as the river is clean and safe to bathe in up North in Rishikesh.  This water has been said to carry scientifically measurable energetic properties that are very powerful for cleansing and purifying. Afternoon taxi transfer all the way back to the New Delhi Airport.  Late evening flights out of Delhi airport to return back home!


Fresh Prana, founded by Chloe and Chris, hosts of the annual Incredible India Yoga Tour since 2017 is now joining efforts with Fil-Soul travel, founded by our dear friend Lina Grisales, to create a brand new Spring Edition of the India Yoga Tour. In Spring of 2020, Lina and Chris will be hosting the tour and guiding you through the mystical and intense India, offering yoga, meditation and others spiritual practices during the tour.

India Yoga Tour and Retreat

About Lina Grisales:

Lina started her journey in Colombia back in 2011 when she made the decision to transition from her hectic corporate life to follow her passions of guiding others in spirituality and creating sustainable-ecotourism experiences. Having spent several years working in the corporate world, she realized that the excess stress and pressure in peoples work and home lives could cause undue anxiety and unhappiness. Lina discovered that as she began taking yoga classes practicing more mindfulness, it enabled her to be more present, conscious and fulfilled. These practices have made her aware of some of the many powerful methods and teachings of self knowledge that allow us to unlock and experience inner peace, love and the happiness that is within each of us.

Since then she has continued  practicing and studying internationally, in countries like Colombia, India, America and Australia. She has studied more than 200 hours RYS in Vinyasa and 200 hours RYS Purna yoga and several courses in transcendental meditation, Vipassana, art of living and The Isha Judd system.

Lina created her brand Fil-Soul travel to help vulnerable and remote communities in Colombia through bringing in sustainable ecotourism. She has created many unique experiences which has educated travelers by immersing them in the remote traditional cultures while boosting the local economies and preserving their communities and their way of life.

Chris Maanas Auroville India Yoga Tour

About Chris Maanas:

After several years of teaching Reiki Usui and Energy Healing Chris discovered yoga and instantly became serious about the practice. While traveling in Rishikesh, India, he completed his first 200 hour RYT in Vinyasa Yoga, and later also completed a second 220 hour RYT certified by KRI as a Kundalini Aquarian Teacher in Level 1.  Since then Chris has already completed three certified KRI Level 2 trainings with infamous teachers like Harijiwan, Tej, Gurujagat, Gurujas, Krishna Kaur, Gurujoda and Tony Nooyens. He is also an active practitioner of Sat Nam Rayasan regularly studying with Gurudev Singh and Sadhu. Chris is always happy and inspired to share his passion for yoga, healing, meditation, and traveling and he is deeply grateful for the opportunity to bring all of these passions together to create one amazing life changing experience.


“For me traveling  to India has been a dream for so many years and I have to say the trip with Chloe and Chris exceeded my expectations.  I’m certain that the experience would have been completely different without their loving care and knowledge. The itinerary was as fantastic as it was authentic, and the local tour guide was not only polite and smart, but funny too.” -Mary

“India was never on the radar until we met Chris and Chloe. Seeing India through their eyes of love is a journey that my husband and I will never ever forget, and a true blessing.  It has forever changed us both in some very big and powerful ways. I feel like I am vibrating on a higher frequency since my return from India. I loved every moment of this amazing trip! It was filled with rich experiences, connecting to the people, the land, the culture, a day with the elephants, a camel ride in the desert, doing service at the Golden Temple, The Beatles Ashram, yoga practice in beautiful and sacred places, and so much more. And you can’t beat the chai tea!!!! We felt extremely safe and cared for daily. Our accommodations were always very beautiful and comfortable in great locations, and our buffet meals were appealing and healthy with much variety. I am quite grateful to have traveled with Chloe and Chris on this incredible adventure and highly recommend it.” -Ellen

“The Incredible India trip was an experience of a lifetime. The itinerary gives you a true India experience as it includes an overnight train ride and auto/cycle rickshaw rides. Chloe and Christian complement each other very well as leaders of the group and were always very receptive to feedback from the group. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by India and also to be moved spiritually!” -E.C.

“All the logistics were taken care of, all sites were scheduled… It was truly a no-brainer kind of trip, which we really liked.  I truly enjoyed all of the yoga classes, vinyasa flows, and hip/shoulder openers. Will we choose to travel with you guys again? ABSOLUTELY! YES, THAT IS” -Sophia

“I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with Christian and Chloe who remain close friends today. They have been nothing but loving, honest, and compassionate with me and everyone whose lives they touch. When I look at them, I see true love. They are healers and I feel truly grateful to have them in my life.”  -Hannah

“You pass-by hundreds of people without eye contact, when we passed Chloe and Christian, our hearts smiled to each other. Wise people say that journey is more important than the destination. So true!  What else could I say about your future travel companions? I would be on board in no time!”  -Szymon


Yes! … Thanks for you interest in joining our coming India Yoga Tour, Please send us some words and We will contact you shortly

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Lina Grisales
Fil-Soul Travel
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Chris Maanas
Fresh Prana
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